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Hello everyone! How have you been? I wonder what season are you in now? In Singapore, it’s still as sunny as ever and occasional rain pours.

Sorry that I’ve left out this blog for awhile, MISSING IN ACTION (aka MIA) for a few weeks… My sincere apologies… Work has been crazy and I’m really struggling to learn with the best of my abilities. Someone without any similar background nor a proper in-charge to work with is REALLY TOUGH. As for school, it’s not easy to balance a full time job when you have no experience in it. But hey, I’m not giving up! Push on!

Nonetheless, I am still thankful for this opportunity to work in this new field of work. Able to learn new things and have different insights to numbers/figures…. Learning really never ends.

Anyway, I have happy news to share:


Goodness me! It’s been a week and I am still in the moment, of joy & happiness, of overwhelm surprises. I couldn’t help but to keep reminiscing the moment, that special day.


It was our 2nd year anniversary and he had plan a dinner date with me. So I didn’t guess too much or assume anything is amiss and just went ahead with his plan. To me, it’s ONLY US celebrating our 2 years anniversary together.




As usual, we (mostly me) goofing around with the camera.
So he mention he been wanting to try this Japanese charcoal grill restaurant at The Star Vistar… So we went ahead with his plan without me resisting.






Perhaps I’m not really hungry but the food tasted mediocre.
Anyway, after dinner I don’t know why but I suggested to him to sit at the open atrium (where the water fountain is) to enjoy the chocolate cake that I bought. Who knew, I walked straight into his plan…

This is where he was after making an excuse to make an “important phone call” leaving me seated alone at the atrium….


After all his effort that he has put in, and all my best friends & my whole family coming down to show support… I was deeply moved and cried with tears of joy.

My fiancé and I, with a shot of my ring and my favourite flower.

Last but not least, the team (some left early before the photo was taken) behind all the planning and executing together. Thank you so much for all the efforts that you had done and trying so hard to keep this secret from me. It’s my pleasure and my deepest appreciation that you witness and shared my joy and happiness on this special day of ours. :)

Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

It’s about: Eyebrows

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I don’t know about you but to me, I would never leave the house without doing up my eyebrows.

Recently, I went to try threading as I had heard about it from my friends and they are so into it that it has become a monthly affair. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, basically threading is a another method for you to remove your hair (*facial/underarm area) just by using a thread.

Curious, I decided to give it a try. Mind you, it was my very first experience. Hahaha.

What a mistake that I boldly decided to do the whole face, knowing how painful it would be.
How it ends, well you might have guess it, I was in tears. The pain was so bad that every single time they thread those fine hair off my face, it felt like my face was gonna break off. Ok, I exaggerated but it’s really painful.

However, my biggest surprise was my eyebrows. I forgot to inform them not to trim my eyebrows as I had it done earlier.

Previously, my eyebrows were thick and full as shown below….


Now, my eyebrows are thinner than before and to be honest, I wasn’t use to it at the beginning…

Hahaha! I look quite silly, don’t you think? I think it’s a fresh look for me now and I personally feel that they did a good job as my brows looks so much neater and clean! On the contrary, thin eyebrows gives off a much more feminine yet lady-like look to the face shape (in my humble opinion).

To my downside, I need to really fill it in using my eyebrow powder by Kate.

And I always mix the darker brown and light brown together before applying to my eyebrows.


Yup, so here’s how I look like after I’m done with my brows…

Looks so much better now. Hahaha

Now, my face does looks smoother and feels softer… Hmmm… But I won’t be going back for more though, I can’t stand the pain. -.-“
Do pardon me if you see my future photos with messy eyebrows as I’m trying to grown them back. :)

Thank you for reading.
Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

First Impression: Majolica Majorca Lash King in Waterproof Black

July 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone! New school term has officially started and I’m back with a new busy schedule. Looking forward to learn new things and explore more possibilities.

Alright, I got a confession to make. I’ve been loving Japanese brand mascara and in my previous, I’ve intro my new found holy grail.

Now, this one has also been proclaim by many beauty bloggers/Youtubers that this is also one of their go to brands in terms of holding up the lashe’s curl, long, thick, volume and non-smudging.

Let’s take a look at its brush…

Hmmm… It’s slim and there’s many fibers if you look at it closely. Now that explains why this mascara claims that it would give the long/thick/volume lashes that all girls wanted. Hahaha!

I put this to test and please keep in mind that I only apply 2 coatings. So here’s how my eyelashes look like…

I really like how it gives my eyes this “eyeliner” effect, and how it makes my eyelashes look thicker and fuller. :))
Also, when you apply, you will notice that it dries almost instantly. Hence, you won’t need to worry about smudging. Plus point for me!
I would definitely continue to use this (and Dolly Wink) in the future.

Thanks for reading.
Till the next post…
Take care and good luck.

<3 Crystal

First Impression: Dolly Wink Black Mascara 02 Volume

July 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new and exciting product to show you. You might have already heard about this and it may have been reviewed many times by other beauty bloggers.

Yes, I am SLOW but better than never.
By now, most of you might have known what are my issues with my eyelashes:
(1) It’s stubbornly straight, hard to keep the curl throughout the day.
(2) I have oily eye areas which my mascara tends to smudge.

Recently, I was being recommended by a friend (*who was surprise that I didn’t give this a try) and told me how awesomely amazing it was.

Say hello to my new holy grail: Dolly Wink Black Mascara 02 Volume! It does what it claims, and I am totally won over by it.
(1) The curls; it lasted the WHOLE DAY! :))) Woohoo!
(2) It didn’t smudge AT ALL!
(3) It volumize my lashes, making it look fuller and thicker! Super love it!

Let me show you what packaging I bought.

(*Please ignore the Majolica Marjoca, I’ll do another First Impression soon.)
Yup, I got this on sales and it has a special packaging. It comes with a liquid eyeliner which I would be testing it out too. I wonder if it’s better than the Maybelline Gel-liner that I’m currently using. Hee hee.

Look at this brush; it’s quite different from the ones that I had tried with Maybelline as well. It’s much more thinner.


Here’s how it looks like after application:

I apply it as close to my lash line and apply a bit more to give that eyeliner effect. Cool eh! ;)
Totally love it!
I would highly recommend you to try this if you’re having the same issues as me.
Do note that removing this needs a proper eye makeup remover.

When it comes to mascara, looks like I would be using Asian Brands more often now… :p

Thank you for reading.
Till the next post…
Take care and good luck.

<3 Crystal

Once a year celebration ❤️

July 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Just a few days back, I celebrated my birthday.
I don’t know about you but to me it’s a significant day of my life. Not because I am born into this world, but to also experience the meaning of life. :)



We went to The Glass House at The Fort Cannoning Hotel.
I really love the ambience, a place to chill and relax.

Hahaha. A rare photo to share with everyone. My love and I.
Thank you for making the effort to plan this date. ❤️

Last but not last, just to share the accessories details:


Recently just got my favorite watch from Daniel Wellington. I love for versatile it is to match my outfits for any occasions.
A gorgeous bag from Michael Kors, I love how simple yet chic it is for me to carry around. But do note that it’s quite heavy by itself as it’s made of leather. ;)

Thank you for reading.
Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

My love for Classic watch: Daniel Wellington

July 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone! How have your week been? It’s TGIF but I’m spending it at home to nurse my stomach flu. It’s ok, I can’t wait to be out and about and eat all the good foods!

Just so you know, I recent receive a lovely gift from my dear boyfriend. He knows that I’m a timekeeper and classic watch always catch my attention.
So he got me this….


I really love the packaging and the box is simply gorgeous! Who says we can only choose one when you can have the best of both worlds, leather and NATO strap that is. Ahahaha. :)

For a formal/dressy/chic look, leather is always my go-to.

For a laid back/casual look, I prefer the NATO strap. :)

What I love about Daniel Wellington watch is the dedicated team when through a lot of details to come out with the design. I love how flat the clock face is and I love how versatile for me to change the strap according to how I want to dress up. <3

Daniel Wellington is a product of USA and there's a story behind this watch. You can read it at http://www.danielwellington.com

I would definitely be getting more of the NATO Straps and perhaps in the future, their latest model; The Grace Collection. :)

Thank you for reading!
Till the next post…
Take care and good luck.

<3 Crystal.

The Braided Tales: Collection 5

June 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone!
These few weeks has been super busy, I am glad that my exams are over and done with. Only recent, I had a change of new working environment, to be honest it post as a challenge for me. Nonetheless, I am enjoying what I am currently doing. :)
Sorry for not updating often though.

Anyway, I have an exciting news to share! I did an outdoor shoot with The Braided Tales and my oh my! I love their latest collection! I had gotten a few pieces myself. Hee hee.

Alright, without further ado let me tempt you with some of the pictures:



(*I do not own any of the above photos, credits goes to The Braided Tales.)

I would highly recommend you to take a look at this collection. Let alone the affordable pricing, their collection pieces comes with good and sturdy quality. Which means I do not need to worry about the gems falling off or the flower petals being torn off.

One of the reasons I love to wear statement pieces is that it can make any simple outfit into something preppy and chic effortlessly.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry and shop away! Grab it before it sold out. :)

Do follow them on their Instagram, Carousell and Facebook for more updates.

Thank you for reading.
Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal


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