Breakfast at Carpenters and Cooks

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Hello everyone!

I’ve been told about this place by my friends because of its ambiance and interesting setting of the place.

Interesting look from the outside eh…




Doesn’t all these looks yummy?!

But I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I only ordered a sandwich and a drink.



The food tasted not bad! Imagine the toast croissant with cheese and ham garnished with fresh cabbage and tomato slices… No wonder there has been good reviews on their quality of food. Even my poor appetite has been defeated.
Just my humble opinion.

19 Lorong Kilat #01-06, 598120
6463 3648

Ending off with me seated in one of their chairs. Hee hee. So old school! Reminds me when I was in primary school for my music lessons.

Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

Lunch at Japanese Restaurant Shinjuku

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Hello everyone! How have your week been?
It started off quite busy as usual, and having to attend seminar for the whole of Wednesday. How I see it, it’s good to be busy as the time fly pass very quickly. However, it is also very important to listen to your body when it’s telling you it needs to rest.

For me, my body & mind would always relax when I go for my monthly facial appointment.

On the way to facial… Look! My new Alice Pearl bracelet/bangle from The Braided Tales! Lovely isn’t it?
Oh! Do let me know if you want me to blog about my facial experience. :)

Feeling so blessed and loved that Kelvin fetch me to my facial appointment.

Usually after my facial, I would go for lunch (or brunch). Because I would skip my breakfast on weekends. Bad habit of mine.

We head down to Cuppage Plaza and have lunch at one of my favourite Japanese Restaurant. I was first introduce to this place by Irene and YC. THANK YOU LADIES!

This is the place, located at level 1. When you enter the glass door, walk straight all the way toward the end. You would be able to see the restaurant.

The timing of the lunch set (last order at 2.15pm) and dinner set (last order at 11.45pm)!


Here’s my favourite lunch set: Yakitori Bento set.

For those of you who hasn’t try, or didn’t know about this place. I would recommend you to give the Yakitori Bento set a try. I personally love the rice so much that just by eating this is enough. Hee hee. On too of that, you have many varieties of grill items. See how big portions it is? :))
Kelvin choose the sushi/noodle set


A cosy little corner in town, so if you happen to be shopping in town, do stop by and enjoy the food.

#01-01, Cuppage Plaza, 5 Koek Road

Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

My Nail Care Routine (Oct 2014)

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Hello everyone :D

You know we do many things with our bare hands and fingers. Holding onto things such as papers, bags and even food!

So it’s very important to take good care of your hands. Yes, hygiene is one of them (*think the 7 steps of hand washing). Another way that I like to care for my hands and fingers is to give them a pampering session once in a while (more like once a month).

My nail care essentials!
(1) Nail clipper/cutter
(2) Files
(3) Vaseline or Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover
(4) Skinlite nail polish remover (*non-acetone)
(5) Nail essence/tonic
(6) Hand cream

Alrighty! First step, I would remove any nail polish that i have on my nails or just to remove any excess nail polish and dirt. Using my trusty non-acetone nail polish remover from Skinlite, it helps to remove gently without hurting the nails. However, it’s quite hard (& takes up some time) to remove a colored/nail art polish just using this. So, there’s pros & cons. I’ll review about this on another post. :))



Secondly, I’ll trim my nails to the shape and the length that I want. Usually, it’s short and round.


After which, I would use the filers to file my nail ends so to make it smooth. I won’t want to accidentally cut my face with my nails…
If you notice, I have 3 different types of filers. The black one is mainly use for the rough edges or ends.

The strawberry filer is mainly for smoothing and shaping. More towards a finishing touch. :)
I heard many Youtubers are currently using a crystal filer which they claim it’s much more gentle on the nails and longer lasting (in a sense that most filers wear-off after long period of usage). I might get it and give it a try, but do note it’s quite pricey.

On the other hand, if I want to give my nails that healthy shine surface, I would polish it with the light green color file. However, I only do this once every blue moon. Haahhaha.


Next, time to give my fingers a little massage using Vaseline. This not only helps to moisturize my nails but also acts as a cuticle softener.


For more stubborn cuticles, I would use Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. :)

This is where the fun part begins, you only need to push back the cuticles to the ends of the nail beds. I won’t advise to cut them off, in case you might hurt your nail beds by accident. Also, once you cut the cuticles off, you would have to continuously to cut them off… The cutter that I own mainly is for hard to remove nails or hanging nails and dead skins.

Next, I would wash my hands and apply my hand cream to seal the moisture again.

Which would make my hand and nails look like this…

So, here comes the finishing touch. I always like to give a booster to my nails so they can grow stronger and healthier. I would want to apply an essence or a tonic, in this case, I applied Sally Hansen Hard as Nails essence.


Don’t they look healthy and shiny? My happy nails! :)
Ta-da! Here’s my steps for pampering my fingers once in a while. At times, I would even soak my nails into baking soda and a few squeeze of lemon solutions to get rid of any yellow stains from the nail art/ nail polish. Remember to wash your hands after you have soak for about 10-15mins. ;)

Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

Brunch at Epicurious

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Good morning everyone!
It’s a long weekend and I’m loving it! How are you enjoying your long weekend?

The other day, Kelvin & I decided to go for a good brunch after exercising.


Please pardon the unglam picture of us. We tend to become lazy during long breaks. :p
On top of that, this heavy down pour isn’t helping. Making the both if us even more sleepy!

Anyway, time for some good food! (*I’m sure by now many of you would have know how famous and how good the food taste! So I shan’t waste the introduction…)


Gosh! It’s making me hungry now. To be honest, I’m not much of a big eater and this portion is huge! I consider this a hearty and fulfilling meal! :))

When we left it was still raining, look how dark it is.

Look at how happy and satisfied we are!

Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

The Braided Tales: The Alice Pearl Collection

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Hello everyone!

I’ve got good news to announce!
For those of you who have miss the chance to purchase The Alice Pearl collection, The Braided Tales has open up the Back Order for the collar choker and the earrings (in blue)!

Personally, I really love pearls! It’s simple yet classy. So it can easily help to turn your look from normal/causal to chic with a hint of elegance. 😉

Look at the gorgeous Pearls!

These are my latest addition to my own collection. Hee hee.
How to say no to this?! It’s a love at first sight!

If you look closely, notice it has a small crystal on each ends! How nice! :D
I have been wearing the Alice Pearl collar choker consecutively for days!


And of course the Alice Pearl earrings is also a hit in my must-have lookbook!


I don’t know about you but this collection is definitely worth the keep! I can see myself still wearing it for the next 5 years! Hahaha!

So hurry, place your orders and secure the items here.
Back Orders will be closing on the 8 October, Wednesday at 6pm!

Psst! Did you know they have upgraded their website? Visit them at for more informations. Join their mailing list or follow their Facebook and Instagram for latest updates.

Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

Wasabi Tei; Japanese cuisine

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Hello everyone! Time for a quick update!

I have a hectic work week and I manage to pass my class test (without proper revision.. Oops!) and thank goodness I pass it. Phew.

How best to celebrate this is by having good food with great companions!

Headed to this sushi bar which was recommended by Caroline & Irene.

All 5 of us ordered quite a lot actually, and I only manage to take down a few of what I ate. Hahaaha.





Doesn’t this just cheer you up (in my case is motivated to eat it! Wahahaha 😋) instantly?
To top it off, the sashimi are so thick and fresh! I highly recommend you to order! I’m officially in love with this place.
When the bill came, we spend a total of $143! On average, about $28-30 per pax. To me, it’s really worth it!

Word of advise, do call in for reservations. We were really lucky as we were there quite early on a weekday and the queue hasn’t started YET… So, to avoid the long crazy queue, do make reservations or head down early. :))

Ending the night with this:

Relax and unwind.

Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal

Childhood delights; Tan’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake

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Hello everyone! How’s your week so far? As usual, mine is busy and fulfilling. The best part? I have yet to do my revision for my up-coming class test.

Today, I wanna share with you a childhood favourite delight. It’s call tutu kwek; a white steam cake made of rice powder. I had this since my early childhood days and goodness me, it tasted so yummy even though it’s plain (they come in flavors such as coconut and peanut). As the years gone by, I couldn’t find the kind of fresh and chewy texture that I crave for since young.
Finally, I found it (*thanks to my fiancé)! This is how it looked like:

Don’t they look yummy and cute? Hee hee.

Just look how happy I am, and I finish within a minute. Yup, I’m hungry.

In case you’re wondering where did I get these?

I would recommend you to try this stall. In my humble opinion, their ingredients are fresh and thus, it taste so deliciously good! Even when I order it in plain (*no flavors)! So take note of the timing and try it. You won’t stop at one.

Till the next post…
Take care and good luck!
<3 Crystal


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